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Michele Edwards

I'm endorsing Jennifer Lewis for the Democratic nomination in the 20th House District because she's a coalition builder, as I've seen with her work fighting the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline and standing up for property rights. I know she can put together a coalition across the district, and we can send a representative of the people - not corporations - to Richmond.

When I ran for the House of Delegates in 2017, I heard again and again on the campaign trail that people are deeply concerned about affordable healthcare, public education, and a living wage. Jennifer - who volunteered for my campaign - takes these concerns seriously. Her aspirational platform that includes an improved infrastructure plan including expanding rural broadband, expanding mental health and addiction services, fully funding public education, protecting the environment, fighting corruption, and a $15/hr. minimum wage - directly tackling the problems of everyday people. I can't wait to help her spread this message and win over hearts and minds across the 20th.


Brent Finnegan

I first met Jennifer Lewis at an event she organized in opposition to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. She has been on the front lines fighting against the construction of fracked gas pipelines in Virginia for years. I've witnessed Jennifer faithfully stand up for her community, and call out high-ranking officials who put the interest of private corporations over the needs and safety of Virginia residents. She has the courage and the conviction to do what's right, no matter who is pressuring her to compromise on her values.

We need people in General Assembly who will fight fearlessly for working families. That’s why I am so pleased today to endorse Jennifer Lewis for House of Delegates in the 20th district. She is committed to creating a fair economy where all Virginians can succeed. Jennifer will be a powerful force for good in Richmond for the people of the 20th district.

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Angela Lynn

Jennifer Lewis is one of those rare individuals that personifies what every American imagines a public servant should be with her selfless vigor to enhance the lives of others.

Jennifer works to give every citizen the vital information they need to make informed decisions and embrace their rights. 

Jennifer resolves to change a pattern of disconnected government by embracing transparency and acts to restore trust in our elected officials.

Jennifer can always be counted on to end voter suppression, fight for affordable healthcare, secure the rights of all individuals and offer diligent protection of our farms, lands, and precious waterways.

Jennifer Lewis is a nonstop force for public service by using her time and energy empowering people to use their rights to demand the facts and force the often absent attention of the elected officials to not ignore the needs of our rural areas.

It is with great esteem for Jennifer Lewis that I offer my endorsement because I know a vote for Jennifer Lewis is a vote for the rights of all people in the Commonwealth and a strong voice for our valuable rural areas in Richmond.