Jennifer opposes both the proposed Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines. She pledges to stand with landowners in opposition to eminent domain takings that favor large for-profit corporations. Jennifer also supports reforming FERC so citizens and scientists have as much influence as fossil-fuel industry lobbyists. Jennifer refuses contributions from Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power. Our priority should be green energy infrastructure and jobs. Jennifer supports legislation moving us towards 100% clean and renewable energy as soon as possible.

Moving women forward

We all have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters - women we couldn't live without. Don't they have a right to pursue their dreams, to be treated (and paid) fairly at work, to make decisions about their own bodies?

That's why Jennifer supports providing up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave, wants to increase funding for domestic violence shelters, urges Virginia's General Assembly to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and wants to protect funding for women's health centers.

Legalizing hemp and marijuana

We need to start being reasonable about marijuana and hemp. Marijuana should be legal for medicinal and recreational adult use. Likewise, Jennifer believes we should be free to cultivate hemp legally.

Infrastructure and rural broadband

We need to increase capital lending to small businesses and expand high-speed broadband networks throughout the district. It is vital that we have rural broadband as it is crucial to the growth of the 20th district.

Jennifer also opposes the proposed toll for Interstate 81, a main artery of the Shenandoah Valley. Jennifer supports a slight increase in fuel tax to eliminate the need for a toll on I81.


Jennifer comes from a farming family, and she understands the stress and strains endured by family farms. She wants to encourage policy that allows farms to sell directly to consumers and restaurants. Just like in other industries, corporate conglomeration and monopolization has led to large agribusiness crushing competition from smaller farms. Jennifer supports tough enforcement of antitrust laws in the industry.